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Skilled in the art of hardwood flooring installation, Pristine Flooring specialize in bringing a range of hardwood floor types to life within your spaces. With our guidance, selecting the perfect hardwood flooring for your residence becomes a breeze, taking into account essential elements such as hues, textures, and intricate grain designs. The enduring appeal of hardwood floors remains a favored option, admired for its robustness, prolonged life span, and the enhanced market value it can bestow upon your property. Furthermore, the low upkeep demands of hardwood floors, coupled with their ability to be revitalized through refinishing, add to their allure. The multifaceted process of installing hardwood flooring encompasses a series of meticulous phases: initial subfloor preparations, the precise positioning of underlayment, and the artful arrangement of the hardwood planks themselves. Entrusting the orchestration of this endeavor to seasoned professionals ensures that your hardwood floor installation culminates in a masterful transformation of your living space.


• Kitchens              • Bedrooms         • Office Space     • Basements

• Living Rooms     • Bathrooms      • Commercial      • Closets

• Dining Rooms   • Hallways          • Foyers                 • And more 



After you book your floor job, we'll set up a call before your project date to go over the details: 

• Confirm the special details regarding your project

• Ask you to remove all valuables, fragile items, pictures and shelves from the area

• Answer questions you have about your flooring project

• Send a final email that confirming everything we discussed

Before starting, our crew of professional floor specialists will do a walkthrough to assess the project and get your home ready: 

• Protect your floors

• Move and protect your furniture,

• Repair any issues or cracks in the floors

• Restore floor finish

• Clean up floors

• Window caulking

No matter the nature of your project, you can rest assured that the flooring experts at Pristine Flooring are committed to delivering the finest service and craftsmanship available in our region. Our collaboration with clients is close-knit, ensuring contentment and accurate execution from the outset. We aspire that by the project's end, you'll be eager to endorse us to your acquaintances. If you desire the expertise of some of the finest flooring professionals in North Jersey, don't hesitate to contact Pristine Flooring for a complimentary estimate today.


Not sure which floor looks best in your space? We offer consultation fort each project! Ask  about meeting with the designer when you request your free estimate

Flooring choices are deeply personal decisions. A multitude of factors come into play when deciding on the perfect flooring for your space. The vast array of flooring options can make this decision seem overwhelming. We specialize in guiding our clients towards the ideal flooring solutions. This process typically commences with a series of thoughtful inquiries.

• What area do you want to be updated? 

• How visible is the area you want work on?

• How is the area used?

• Do you have small children or pets? 

We've not yet gotten to style, but these questions can help us determine the needed quality and style for your home. Homeowners will often want to have a higher quality floor used  in a room more frequently visited by others, like the living room, than they will want to use in a child's bedroom. We'll take that into account. 

That brings us to what is most often the challenging part when selecting floors for a home - choosing the style. Again, we'll ask some questions: 

• What type of style is your house, or do you want it to be? Traditional, contemporary, modern, farmhouse? 

• What is your overall preference for style - warm, cool, other?

• How will the area tie in to the rest of your home?

• Do you have a focal point for the room that you want to complement?

• Do you want to stay on trend? Would you prefer your home to look timeless, or to match up to a specific style?


When it comes to selecting flooring options for your home, there are numerous inquiries to keep in mind. Deliberating over these aspects can lead to satisfying choices. Rather than fixating on a single room, homeowners often discover greater contentment by considering the overall ambiance they wish to cultivate throughout their living space. Avoiding the allure of passing trends is a prudent approach many find rewarding.

This approach can work well if the flooring trend is expected to endure or if the homeowner is comfortable with updating their floors periodically. On the other hand, some individuals prioritize aligning their flooring choices with their home's aesthetic or aiming for a timeless design that remains appealing for years to come.

In the end, the most important factor is choosing a flooring option that suits your preferences and needs. However, if your intention is to sell the property or lease the area, a different approach might be beneficial. Numerous valuable resources are available to assist you in making informed decisions about selecting the right flooring for your space. 

Fortunately, you're not embarking on this journey alone. Pristine Flooring is here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Premium Flooring Services

There are many reasons why we're regarded as one of the best floor companies in New Jersey. Our dedication to providing high-quality floor services begins with the moment you contact our customer service team. From start to finish, you can expect nothing but the highest quality service and exceptional customer service. We guarantee that the floor job is going to exceed your expectations. Our reputation has been built on our commitment to fully ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their overall flooring experience.

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Premium Painting Services

There are many reasons why we're regarded as one of the best painting companies in New Jersey. Our dedication to providing high-quality painting services begins with the moment you contact our customer service team. From start to finish, you can expect nothing but the highest quality service and exceptional customer service. We guarantee that the paint job is going to exceed your expectations. Our reputation has been built on our commitment to fully ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their overall painting experience.


We apply a five-point approach to every flooring project that we accept. While each point is a reason in itself to choose us as your residential or commercial floor contractor, taken together we believe these five points set us apart in the flooring industry. The five points include: price, preparation, products, process, and promise.   



“Competitive Pricing, Straightforward prices, no surprises”

We provide free, competitive, fixed-price estimates. Our up-front, honest, transparent pricing will help you budget without any surprises. During our preliminary inspection, we will point out any surface defects and underlying problems that may need to be addressed before the hardwood floor goes on, to ensure the kind of long-lasting result you expect. Our estimates are always inclusive of all work that will need to be done and include a fixed price that will never fluctuate. 


“careful, thorough surface preparation”

Thorough surface preparation is essential for a flawless flooring project! At the outset of each undertaking, our flooring experts meticulously address and restore all floor surfaces that require attention before initiating the job. We skillfully address any cracks, blemishes, and imperfections, ensuring a seamless foundation for the project.



“We always use top quality hardwood floors”

We exclusively utilize premium materials for our flooring projects, ensuring an exquisite and enduring appearance for your residence or establishment. While top-tier products might come with a higher price tag, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Backed by our lifetime warranty, we believe in providing true value rather than compromising with inexpensive alternatives. Just as you wouldn't settle for subpar materials, neither do we.


“We respect you, your time, and your property”

We hold your time, property, and satisfaction in high regard. Our flooring experts exhibit courtesy, professionalism, and diligence. To safeguard your premises, they conscientiously wear protective booties in clean zones. Our materials and equipment are stored in a dedicated trailer throughout the project, ensuring a clutter-free environment on your property. When our work is complete, we diligently clean up, leaving no trace of debris behind.



"We stand behind every job we do, 100%"

We offer you exceptional flooring services that adhere to your timeline and financial plan, and we back every project 100% with unwavering commitment, every single day, year after year.

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